The Amazing Shea Butter Bar from The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™

So what is the difference with The Sudsy Soapery's Shea Butter Bars.  An amazing bar of Sudsy Soapery™ soap for an equally amazing price; you may wonder how we sell such a quality bar of handmade Sudsy Soapery™ soap for such a reasonable price. Some of the best qualities of this soap are its great lather and moisturizing properties. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients chosen and what properties they add to the soap.

Soybean Oil: Economically sourced from midwestern farms, soybean oil is high in oleic acid, making a very conditioning bar of soap, similar to olive oil but at a more affordable price.

Coconut Oil: A silver bullet to soap makers, Coconut oil is key to a Sudsy Soapery™ bar of soap.

Palm Oil: Organic and sustainably sourced, palm oil aids in the thickness or long lasting of the lather.

Shea Butter: Very high in unsaponifiables, a portion of the Shea Butter remains free in the soap to
moisturize as it cleanses

Essential Oil: Adds natural scent that should not irritate sensitive skin. Many essential oils also have their own beneficial properties and almost all essential oils have anti microbial properties.

Other Natural Botanical and Mineral based ingredients. For moisture, exfoliance, emollience and more, each bar is designed with your skin in mind.

One more aspect that adds to the affordability of this Shea Butter Sudsy Soapery™ soap is the efficiency of labor for we have striven with this product. You may notice there are never more than two colors and the swirl patterns, if any are what soap makers call a “pot swirl” which we have chosen because it adds very little time to the manufacturing process. The round shape also holds its heat in, speeding of saponification time and is fast to un-mold and cut. We have tried to make a truly artisan bar of soap at a very affordable price, so that we can put a bar of handmade soap into as many households as possible in hopes that they each will experience the healthful difference of handmade bar soap! 


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