Why Natural Soap?

What is soap? Soap is the salt of neutralized fatty acids. What! Salt! Fat! Acid! Yes, fats are made up of different types of acid: lauric, oleic or stearic to name a few. You remember that the opposite of acid is alkaline. Acids are neutralized by alkaline.

Soap is made when a strong alkaline is mixed with a fatty acid to neutralize it into a salt of fatty acid. The result is no longer oil or lye, as it is commonly called, but soap. At least that’s how soap was made for about 5000 years. In less than the past 100 years ‘soap’ manufacturers have been using sulfates, synthetic detergents instead of real soap, which is much more expensive to produce. They, of course, have to add moisturizers to dilute the product or it would strip your skin (in our opinion it does anyway), but they use pore clogging petroleum based products, not real moisturizers. 

Do you want to use a product on your skin that has been tried and proved for 5000 years or one that has been in use for less than 100 years? Do you want to use a product made from natural ingredients or synthetic detergents? Do you want your skin care products to share the same active ingredient as your dish-washing detergent? 


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