Tallow Shave Soap by The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™

We have been working for over a year on a new tallow shave soap formula, per the request of some customers, for the ultimate shaving experience.    The development of the new formula started by analyzing the fatty acid breakdown of the original formula. Could we keep a similar fatty acid makeup to keep the moisturizing properties and lather of the original formula and add the slickness and cushion of tallow?
 We honestly believe that a shave soap should be purposeful in the ingredient list and every ingredient should work together towards adhering to the highest quality skin enhancement and dynamic shave-a-ability.     The soap should be free of chemicals. In this way it becomes not just a choice or preference of overall performance, but a conscience decision to make a healthful choice for ones shaving routine.   Every ingredient in this Beef Tallow soap was chosen to intensify the shaving experience and condition the skin.   
Take for instance honey. Honey is a humectant, meaning that the face will experience a burst of moisture. This will increase the cushion and create a post shave feel that is amazing!    Other important skin strengthening ingredients are Organic Aloe, which is soothing and aids to decrease the harshness of the blade.
The result is a formula that we believe is just as lathering and moisturizing as the original, but with the cushion that you may expect to experience from a tallow soap.
All in all we would like to present the opportunity for you to have the joy of a 100% natural, tallow shave soap that will not just shave with you, but change the way you think about shaving!  
Naturally Yours,
Jonathan and Kaycie Cook


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